Beginner’s guide in resin art.

Do you want to make your own table with resin river? Or beautiful resin decorations? This e-book is perfect for you! It will guide you through the process step by step. How to start? Where to start? And what do you need to get started!

All of the things you have to know in one place!


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A few words about the guide:

Do you have a soul of an artist? Use it! We will show you how to make an epoxy resin painting. A short guide will help you prepare the tools and workspace to help you create a resin masterpiece!

Play with resin. Take your art to the next level. Whether you have a experience in resin or not – this book is the perfect guide for any artist interested in adding this medium into their art.

We present practical tips and tricks that will be useful at the beginning of your resinous adventure.

We will guide you on how to make your own epoxy resin jewelry. Colorless, colored, and with wood additives.

We present safe behaviors when working with resin. Safety is something that many forget about, but it’s veeery important.

Here is a list of some of the topics we’ll cover in the e-book:

  • Safety equipment
  • Work surface
  • Surface preparation
  • Resin preparation
  • Carpentry
  • Adding color
  • Pouring the resin
  • Dealing with bubbles
  • Cells
  • How to contain dust
  • Surface finish
  • Safety when working with resin
  • Harmfulness of dusts
  • Cleaning tools
  • Tips and tricks
    • Epoxy resin tables
    • Resin coasters
    • Care of countertops
    • Polishing
    • Grinding

This guide was written by a man who’s in love with wood. A creative freak of crafts, and for a long time fascinated by combining epoxy resin with wood.


These are not just a facts, but full background supported by my own experience. In the tutorial you will not only find a “candy” photos, but photos from the workshop too, showing the reality of working with resin.